QML - Create Your Own Adventure

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This will give you additional information on the current quest. This features list of stations where no choice leads to, and also the interactive station interconnection view. The following is a sample output:

The project consists of 17 stations with each having an average of 1,8 choices. A station has an average of 0,1 if-statements. Numbers and states are set 0 times. All stations can be continued. No choices lead to unwritten stations.

You can move around stations in the station interconnections overview with the mouse. If you click on a station box with both left and right, you can put it to a fixed position.

Station Interconnections based on GraphLayout Copyright © 1997, 1998 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Here you can turn the auto-complete feature on and off. When auto-completion is turned on (the default setting), it will result in a pop up box to help you write state names whenever you type "[" (since every referenced state is enclosed in square brackets).