QML - Create Your Own Adventure


Server-side QML

These QML server-side quests can be played with any browser:


<<Being a mild-tempered fellow, you're looking for a cozy place to warm your heart. But it's a long way through the nightly rain and you're exhausted.>>
Complete sample adventure. Play dice, drink beer, arm wrestle, and have fun in this bar!

The Grey Sorcerer [Python interpreted]
<<You're living in Wornim. It's a fantasy world full of demonic creatures, beautiful princesses and magic waterfalls.>>
A complete, longer adventure, converted from another format.
This QML2 sample has been ported from the original Madventure version.

Different interpreters can run the exact same quest data file, and there is no need to rewrite the QML for a certain interpreter. For more information, see QML on a server.

Client-side QML

Try these client-side quests written in written in QML -- as opposed to server-side QML, here you need Windows Internet Explorer 5+:

QML2 samples

QML1 samples

Samples to demonstrate QML features:

Static QML

Last not least, there's static QML.
If the full-feature set is used -- like state-setting and checking -- static QML requires the player/ reader to keep track of certain events (something which the script-interpreted versions handle automatically).