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These books aren't related to QML, other than that they're Choose-Your-Own-Adventure fiction. Some of these are EBooks, requiring the Microsoft Reader. If you have good links or book suggestions, please email me.

Time Machine Series

I read the first one of the series (paper version) and it's really good. You also learn a bit about history and medieval life on the way.

Secret of the Knights (Time Machine 1)
by James Gasperini
<<In the 14th century, King Edward III began an order of knights who wore a cloth garter on their sleeves. A secret motto was written on it: "Honi soit qui mal y pense." Why did the knights wear this garter, and what does the motto mean? To find out, you have to travel back in time and become a knight yourself!>>

EBook (Microsoft Reader)

Sail with Pirates (Time Machine 4)
by James Gasperini
<<Thar she blows! Travel back to the 17th century and become a swashbuckling pirate! Your mission is to find the wreck of the richest silver ship ever to sink in the Caribbean Sea, and bring back some of the treasure>>

EBook (Microsoft Reader)

Mystery of Atlantis (Time Machine 8)
by James Gasperini
<<Have you ever wanted to see the lost city of Atlantis? Now's your chance! Your mission is to travel to ancient Greece and gather whatever information you can that will help you find Atlantis. The search begins by meeting the great philosopher Plato, and then sailing off for a great ocean voyage where mystery and adventure awaits!>>

EBook (Microsoft Reader)

Where to go from here: If you're looking for CYOA books, there's many reviews at Demian's Gamebook Web Page. More cover images can be found at The Computer and Book RPG/Adventure Museum Also, you can find a whole lot if you search at Amazon.com.