QML - Create Your Own Adventure

The Menu


These are also avaliable via the right-click context menu on the station overview to the left side of the editor.


You can toggle the state reset and saving allowed options in this dialog. Refer to the QML-Syntax for details on these options.


Brings up a list of all stations pointing to the currently active station.

Follow selection

If you have the text cursor over a station name attribute value, press F2 to jump directly to that station.


Use this to change the name of the currently active stations. You will be asked if you want to adapt choices leading to this station accordingly.


This will set back the currently active station to the last validating version in the source mode. You want to make use of this command in case you don't know how to debug a non-validating version of the station. Non-validating stations will prevent you switching to another tab or station, and they also won't let you save (only valid quests can be saved).


Will delete the currently active station. You will be taken to the first station in the list.