QML - Create Your Own Adventure

The different Edit Modes

Editor Mode

This first tab handles the basics of a station. You'll want to use this if you don't know the QML-Syntax yet or are just learning it.
The upper part of this tab lets you edit the station text that will be displayed to the reader later on.
The lower part contains editable fields for choices and stations.

The editor mode will only create very basic stations. These may or may not contain sufficient functionality for your story. If you want to edit advanced features of QML, you need to learn a bit of the QML-Syntax and enter it directly in the Source Mode.

Source Mode

In the source view mode of the middle tab, you can enter QML manually, by either just typing it or using Insert from the menu. Only correct syntax will be accepted here.
Using the Source Mode, you can use images and music for your station, create if...else-branches by checking for states, input, chance or numbers, and many more things.


In the last tab, you can preview the created station in the browser, as it will appear to the player.
You cannot change the quest file in this mode, but you can debug and proofread it. To debug, make sure the Debugging is turned on in the project settings.