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This site and all of its content, including texts, scripts, images, music, are (unless otherwise noted) Copyright © 2002 by Philipp Lenssen. You can redistribute quests created without any fee, and you can distribute QML-Edit as freeware on other sites. You should not sell the program itself, but you can sell quests created with QML.

The cover artwork in the Books section is copyrighted to the original publisher/ artist.

Cover artwork, stories, included images & music in the sections QML quests written by others and CYOAs written in other languages is copyrighted to the individual authors.

The Php.XPath (the script XPath.class.php found in the QML package) is subject to the Mozilla Public License.

The Visual Display of station-interconnections is based on GraphLayout Copyright © 1997, 1998 Sun Microsystems, Inc.

I would appreciate if you send me the link if you publish a quest online or redistribute QML-Edit.