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This page collects sites not directly connected to QML, but those related to Interactive Fiction, XML and online games in general. For more QML links, check out QML quests by others.

Text adventure development


The free Inform language is one of the big text adventure languages. It's based on developments dating back to the classic Infocom adventures such as Zork.



TADS, the freeware Text Adventure Development System. It's one of the most popular professional systems for parsed text adventures.


Adventure game news

Stephen Granade's Brass Lantern - adventure game website brings you all the news. You will also find many interesting articles, as well as good reading suggestion.

Other online games


Play hundreds of text adventure classics online.

Author: Dave Walton, Curt Zirzow
Location: www.ifiction.org

JavaScript Games

Great site featuring many games to be played online, and cross browser scripting libraries.

Author: Scott Porter, various
Location: www.javascript-games.org

Other XML development

Some of my other XML related developments:

Netpadd: a free web development related text-editor; an enhanced Notepad with additional web-specific functionality. Includes XML validation, XSLT conversion, XML hiliting, XHTML validation.

XML sitemap creator: ASP based tools to create sitemaps online. It's based on a class converting the file system structure into XML, and XSLT to convert to XHTML.

OpenTrivia: You can play Trivia Games in many different categories, submit questions, and download the XML trivia data for your own use.


This DOS-based Adventure Scripting Language is one of my older tries to provide a free system for creating graphic adventures. Objects and characters have simple scripts attached that define their behaviour in multiple-choice interaction.


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