QML - Create Your Own Adventure

Number details

Number limits

The default number limit is -30000 to 30000. A number will always be kept inbetween it's minimum and maximum limit.

To define your own limits, you can use attributes min and max when you set a number. For example:

<number name="agility" value="10" min="1" max="100" />

Number of visits

There is the special number "visits()" to check how often the player visited a certain station, or all stations.

For example, you would use
check="[visits(stationName)] = 0"
to check if the player wasn't here before. You can check for the number of all visits added up by using
check="[visits(*)] lower = 20"
(this sum can be used to keep track of in-game time).

Internal numbers

These are used to output special numbers in the text.

Internal Numbers
Name Value description Command syntax
qmlSeconds The seconds that passed since the game was started.
This value is reset at 30,000 seconds.
qmlMinutes The minutes that passed since the game was started. Reset at 500 minutes (over 8 hours). [qmlMinutes]