QML - Create Your Own Adventure

Internal strings

The following internal strings can be output in the text:

Name Value description Command syntax
qmlInput The player input from the current station. [qmlInput]
qmlStation The name of the active station.
If the station is included, the name of the station it will be included into.
qmlLastStation The name of the previous station, the one that would be chosen by a "back" command. [qmlLastStation]
qmlDay The current weekday, like "monday". [qmlDay]
qmlTime The current time, e.g. "22:30:00". [qmlTime]
qmlVersion The version number of QML. [qmlVersion]
qmlServer If the quest is run from client or server. Value is "true" if it's run on the server, "false" if it's run on the client. [qmlServer]