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(This software is provided "as-is" and I can't make any guarantees in regards to its stability or workings or side-effects... please use on your own risk.)

QML-Edit2 Setup The installation files. Includes the complete QML Package and Syntax help. Note: for the newest executable, please update with package below.
MSXML4 needs to be installed.
QML2 Package Includes tools, sample adventures, all scripts and the syntax-help. This is the most recent version but does not come with any installation routine. 675KB
QML-Edit2 source The Visual Basic 6 project source. If you have suggestions regarding the editor, please tell me. 96KB


2.07 (September 2007)

A bug fix for the PHP5 version (the old version didn't load correctly).

2.06 (February 2006, plus small bugfix in July, and December 2006)

A new PHP5-specific version has been added. This one uses PHP's native XML library for better performance. (The PHP4 script is included but will not be updated anymore.)

2.05 (January 2006)

Updated the PHP version. Now supports PHP5, a more recent XPath library, some bugfixes with long choices, as well as user cheating prevention. Thanks to Andre Schroeter for help on PHP5 issues.


Bugfixes and optimizations for QML-input in the VB client-side interpreter.


Refer to What's New in QML2 for an overview of changes.

QML was created in 2000, first the language and client-side interpreter, later on the editor, then the Windows Server port, followed by the Linux/ PHP port. QML2 is the first change to the syntax that's not completely downwards compatible to older QML1x quests which use the whole feature set.