QML - Create Your Own Adventure

Name Topic Used in Type
table Station station element
Use this element to insert a table into the page. Tables should not be used to layout the page, but to structure the information logically. Use the caption element for the table title, the tr element for rows, and th for headings/ td for normal table cells. The attributes colspan and rowspan make it possible to cover a single cell across multiple units of the table grid.
Note that stations with tables can be problematic for smaller displays.
   <caption>Shop items</caption>
      <th>Magic items</th><th class="price">Price</th>
      <th>Other items</th><th class="price">Price</th>
      <td>Staff</td><td class="price">12</td>
      <td>Sword</td><td class="price">30</td>
      <td>Healing potion</td><td class="price">3</td>
      <td>Bread</td><td class="price">1</td>

Attributes: class