QML - Create Your Own Adventure

Name Topic Used in Type
input Branching station element
"Input" will provoke a user text prompt. One use of the input is if you want the player to do something to solve a riddle, but giving the player a choice of answers would give away the riddle. The input is not case-sensitive. Another use, when combined with strings, is to let the player input names for things. Inputs are used much like choices.
<station id="unicorn">
   "Do you know what I am?" she asks you.
   <emphasis>What do you answer?</emphasis>

   <input station="unicorn answer">OK</input>
   <choice station="back">You don't answer and leave</choice>

<station id="unicorn answer">
   <if check="[qmlInput] = 'unicorn'">
   <text>"Oh, you do know me!" she cries.

   <state name="knows unicorn"/>
   <choice station="unicorn continue">Continue</choice>
   <text>"So that's what you take me for?" she sighs.

   <choice station="unicorn continue">Continue</choice>

Attributes: station | name