The Land of Legend
By Mason Green

One day you are taking a quiet stroll through the woods, listening to the beautiful sounds of birds. Then, you notice something. There is a book lying next to a tree! You pick it up. Its title is The Land of Legend, by Carl Angus. The cover is decorated with many kinds of mythical creatures. There's a three-headed dog, a giant red dragon...
Back at home, you sit down to read the book. As soon as you start reading the first words, Once upon a time... you feel drowsy. Then you feel a strange feeling, like you're being sucked into the book! And then you fall unconscious. When you wake up, you are standing at a crossroads. A mysterious loud voice is speaking:

Welcome to the land of legend. Here you will meet all kinds of weird creatures, which you thought only existed in myths, in legends. Now you must choose which direction you will walk toward. Will it be north, south, east, or west?

Then the voice stops. You can see four paths leading from where you are now. A small wooden sign marks each path.