The Leprechaun explains. He says, "This emerald is called the Jewel of the Leprechauns. It is the source of our power. Without it we are helpless to defend ourselves. Four years ago, it was stolen by the Goblins. They used it to transform almost all of us into Trebcons, which are what those blue seeds were called. Only I remained, protected by a magical shark-tooth amulet. They captured Cerberus too", he says.
"Didn't you tell me Cerberus was horrible and dangerous?"
"That was because of a spell cast by the Goblin King. You see, he couldn't turn me into a Trebcon, so he cast a spell on me, so that I couldn't tell any human that Cerberus was really not dangerous. He thought that he could use me to scare away all humans who wanted to defeat him and rescue us."
Suddenly, another Leprechaun wearing a gold crown walks up to you. He says, "I am the King of the Leprechauns. You have rescued our kingdom, now I will repay you by sending you back to your own world. I'll also give you a little gift too."