"Fish of the old potato!!!!" you yell as loud as you can. As soon as you say the password, all the goblins start to shrink. In seconds they are but tiny black ants crawling on the cave floor and walls. So, now you know the password works! You continue on.
"Fish of the old potato. Fish of the old potato. Fish of the old potato", you say, as you continue on, turning ever more goblins into ants. Finally, you reach the Goblin King's Throne. He lunges at you, but before he can get you, you say the password, and soon the Goblin King himself is nothing but a small red ant crawling on the floor. You walk over to the throne and see that a large emerald is wedged in between the back of the throne and the wall. You pick up the emerald and soon you are on your way back to the Leprechaun.