"I used to be the King of the Desert", the monster says. "I roamed the desert from here to there, defending my domain against all foes. But one day, I saw a group of Goblins approaching, and, before I could stop them, they rubbed this crystal of some kind, and, immediately, I fell asleep. When I woke up, a really big goblin wearing a crown said to me, 'Cerberus, I have a good mind to kill you and use your fur for my robe! But, I am giving you an option. If you do not want to die immediately, I will use you as the Guardian of our Chamber. But don't try any funny stuff--just kill intruders when I order you to, and don't kill any of my people. If you try something funny, you're done for. Understand?' Well, you know which option I chose, and now, here I am. But don't worry. I'm on your side!"
"But the Leprechaun said you were a ferocious beast!", you reply.
"Then he is too cowardly to find out the truth. Alas, so many choose to be ignorant, instead of trying to find the truth.", replies Cerberus. Since he was once King of the Desert, he must be very wise.
"Well, tell me what I need to know!", you say.
"There will be time later to reveal all. Right now, all you need to do is what the Leprechaun told you to do."
"You know what the Leprechaun told me?"
"Yes, I can hear extraordinarily well. But there is no more time for conversation--you must continue on at once.
So, you leave Cerberus and continue on.