"I would like to hear the music of the Sirens", you ask. The seal, with you on his back, glides on the surface of the water, much like a manta ray, at a speed that not even a car on a freeway can attain. Then you hear it. It is soft, very beautiful music, coming from an island just up ahead. You feel that if you can just reach the music, you will live in perfect bliss forever. You suddenly jump off the seal and start swimming fervently toward the music. Eventually, you reach the island, where you can see the Sirens. They are just like the seal described them. Two are singing, one is playing a flute, and another one is playing a violin. You start to sing with them and feel yourself drawn into perfect bliss. Now, not even hunger or thirst can make you leave this island.

The End

P. S. The seal did not mean any harm by offering to take you to the Sirens' Island, for the enchanting powers of the music work only on humans. The Creatures of the Sea are immune to this horrible power of the music. In fact, the seal did not even know that the music had that power on humans. But it did.