You continue along the path, and soon you enter a beautiful forest. Songs of birds fill the air. You have not walked far when suddenly you stop with fear and surprise. For there is an enormous monster right before you.
The monster has the head of a woman. But her body is that of a lion. From her back, two wings, like those of a bird, sprout.
"Welcome. I am the Sphinx. You have trespassed on my forest. Now you shall pay the price--that is, unless you can pass my challenge."
"Ch-challenge?" you stutter.
"Here it is: you must solve my riddle."
Then the Sphinx seems to pause for a while. Finally, she gives you the riddle. "I am an animal. I walk on four legs when I am young. Then I walk on two legs. And as I grow old, I walk on three legs. You have two minutes to solve the riddle. If you give the wrong answer, or run out of time, you will pay the price. Two minutes, starting...Now!"