Just as you are thinking about how you want to lure the Chimera out of the cave, you have an idea. You fasten your shield to your sword with some rope you find lying on the ground. Now you have a tool which you can use as a shovel. It takes you the rest of the day to dig a pit which you think will be big enough for the Chimera to fit inside. Then you spot something. Nearby is a deer carcass, with vultures picking at it. You pick up a stick from the ground and start to bang it against your "shovel". Then you make the scariest face you can manage and try to roar like a monster as you run toward the carcass. With a loud screech, the vultures fly away. Now, without ever touching the deer carcass, you use your "shovel" to push it so it is just beyond the hole you dug. Now you find some more sticks and lay them across the hole.