"No, I'd like to return home. I've had enough adventure for today."
"As you wish", says Pegasus. But instead of him flying you home, he and Bellerophon, and the surrounding forest, starts to fade away. Then you feel yourself losing conciousness. When you wake up, you are in your room at home. Everything was the same as before...
At least you think that until you look over at the spot where you were sitting when you started to read the book. The book has a huge red X drawn on its cover with a crayon! Then you open the book, and see that all of the pages are X-ed out as well. Then you see a note on the title page written in bright orange crayon...

You had your chance for adventure.
But you turned it down.

Then you realize that you will wonder for the rest of your days about the Cave of the Goblins and the adventures you might have had.

The End