"OK, I will help you. So what do I have to do?" you ask. The Leprechaun replies, "First, you must defeat Cerberus, who is a giant, horrible three-headed dog that breathes fire. Use these", he says, handing you a sword and shield. "To kill Cerberus, you must cut off all three of his heads. Then, you must continue on to the Goblins' Chamber. Now, the hard part is over; say the password, and they will turn into ants."
"Yes. If a human says the password, 'Fish of the old potato', in the presence of a Goblin, he will turn into an ant. After you have turned all of the Goblins, including the Goblin King, into ants, then you must seize a golden jewel from behind the Goblin King's throne. Bring it back to me. Then I will tell you what to do next."
"OK. I'll do it."
The Leprechaun gives you a piece of parchment with directions written on it, so you won't get lost in the winding tunnels of the cave.
And so, you set off to find Cerberus.